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Want to be more adventurous with your Cooking - read on!!


Garlic Mustard or "Jack by the Hedge" - Eat your Weeds

Eat your Weeds - Mashed Potato with "Garlic Mustard" or "Jack by the Hedge" as it is commonly known


Recognise this along your verges? 

It is called Garlic mustard, “Jack by the Hedge” as it is commonly known and is an ancient spice commonly used in Europe since 4100–3750 BC. In 17th-century Britain, it was suggested for flavouring salt fish and making sauce for lamb or salad. European settlers brought it to the New World to use as a garlic-like seasoning.   Today, the chopped leaves are used for flavouring salads and sauces like pesto, and the seeds are sometimes used in France to season food. Garlic mustard has a garlic and mustard flavour and was once used medicinally as a disinfectant, diuretic, and for treating wounds.  The thick roots can also be grated like horseradish to give a mustardy bite. 


All parts of the plant are edible according to a brilliant book called “Eat your Weeds” by Julie and Matthew Seal - the flower buds can be cooked like broccoli.  The stalks can be cooked like asparagus and the leaves can be rolled around cooked risotto rice to resemble the Greek Vine leaves “Dolmades”.  There are many uses for this tasty weed - mash potatoes, in wraps, sushi and stir fries.  

Try it in your mash potato - put a thin layer of chopped “Jack” in boiling water in a pan and wilt it like spinach.  Add the mashed potatoes and stir in a little milk or oat milk and any one of our Fresh Herb Salt seasonings for the salt flavouring.  


Be adventurous and it can’t get any fresher than this!!