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Our Story


A taste of the Mediterranean - In Italy - the Original Italian - that's where it all started! When the founder of The Fresh Herb Salt Company lived in Italy, she learnt how to preserve the goodness of summer fresh herbs in sea salt for year long use.

It all began with a blend of aromatic rosemary, basil, sage, garlic & bay, chopped and mixed into organically approved pure white sea salt which in turn absorbs the natural oils of the herbs preserving its freshness and aroma. This ready to use, ethically and sustainably produced Herb Sea Salt seasoning is quick and convenient. Completely natural - with no additives or preservatives. Ready to use, at your finger tips to add to any of your favourite recipes.

An economic way of having a constant supply of fresh preserved herbs ready for sprinkling on all roast meats, potatoes, fish dishes, barbecues, vegetarian & vegan dishes - add to your favourite sauces and stews - in fact it will become your staple ingredient in your grocery cupboard.

This quickly grew in popularity leading to other flavours - Chilli Parsley & Garlic, Dill, Lemon & Garlic, Herbes de Provence (marjoram parsley basil & thyme) and Coriander, Lime & garlic. All our Fresh Herb Salts have the benefit of a 6 month plus shelf life and come in reusable glass kiln clip jars which can be refilled with our Refill Pouches. This way you are being kind to the environment, kind to yourself and it makes the perfect unique gift too!

All our Fresh Herb Sea Salt seasonings are made fresh to order and will give you up to 6 months of "best before". Our mission is to always give excellent customer service, maintain a high quality product and be aware of being as sustainable and kind to our planet as possible. Wherever possible we encourage recycling, whether it be our Kiln clip jars, our refill service or even small things like reusing all our packing boxes to send our orders out in.