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Quick and easy minestrone soup recipe


Quick Minestrone soup recipe with Chilli garlic & parsley Fresh Herb Sea Salt with secret Tip! 



minestrone soup recipe with chilli garlic & parsley fresh herb sea salt seasoning


Olive Oil Extra Virgin
100g diced chorizo
1 medium onion 
A pinch of Chilli garlic & parsley Fresh Herb Salt (amend to preference on heat) Mix of chopped vegetables (my favourite being sweet potato, courgettes, broccoli, celery, 1 x 400g borlotti beans.... and park Choi or cabbage right at the end just to wilt)

2 litres of good chicken/vegetable stock


Fry up the diced chorizo in a little olive oil until it starts to colour. Add the diced onion and when they are translucent and begin to colour add your chopped vegetable and coat with the oil in the pan. 

Add a dollop of tomato puree (1 tbs) and 2 litres of chicken or vegetable stock and bring to the boil. (I always boil up the left over chicken carcass with a stick of celery, carrot, bay leaf, 1/2 onion and 1 tsp of either Original Italian Fresh Herb Salt or Herbes de Provence Fresh Herb Salt which makes delicious home made stock and cheap too!!! 

SECRET TIP - don't throw away your old Parmesan rinds - cut them into cubes and add to soups - it really adds a delicious flavour!

Simmer for 15 minutes - add the Orzo pasta - small grain pasta - looks like rice!  (available at Tesco) 

Add a pinch of Chilli garlic & parsley Fresh Herb Salt - taste and amend quantity needed.  (It is a good idea to not add any and just let everyone add their own at the end so they can adjust their own preferences for taste. 

Eat and Enjoy!  It's quick, simple, delicious, and economical!!  Perfect with hot crusty bread.